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Hello! Will there be any romance besides the obvious Raz with Lilli and onesided Wybie with Coraline?And what are the current ages of all the mystery kids?

We aren’t making any more. There’s other fans making another but we aren’t a part of it, so check the tag or something?

And we aged characters according to how long their shows/movies had been out when we created this! soooo coraline and wybie are oldest, followed by Raz and Lili, then Mabel and Dipper and Norman and Neil are youngest.

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I'm planning on producing a radio play based on the idea of a Mystery Kids crossover -- I don't have the drawing skills or time needed for an animatic -- and I was wondering if you would be alright with the play featuring the same lineup of kids? My play concept is set after the group meets, and would neither confirm nor deny the events of your animatic or the currently-in-production sequel.

Sure, go ahead. Mystery Kids ain’t our property, it’s all fan stuff, so you’re welcome to do WHATEVER YOU’D LIKE! go crazy! (but not too crazy) (well, unless you really want to. I mean, it’s your life, live it your way)

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Wait. Whos the new team?

Anonymous sent:
а во второй части будет Билл Сайфер?

"Will the second part have Bill Cipher?"

Again, we, the original team, are not making any more mystery kids episodes. There’s a new team making one about the Other Mother. If you would like to start making an episode about Bill, by all means, go ahead!

Expressions. I stopped making these after a few since they weren’t super necessary.

Originally we were going to have fully animated credits, so I made these mock-ups of possible styles for it. But then I decided I didn’t want to destroy my arms for a fan project, haha.

Some of the turnarounds I drew for story artists’ reference on the episode.

Here are some explorative sketches of style possibilities that I drew while trying to come up with a look I liked for MK. I’ll post the turnarounds and other stuff in a second.

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Hey quick question. Would anyone that you know of (including yourself) possibly object to having someone taking this and giving it a full animation treatment like with full color and all that? I can't do that nor do I know anyone with the skill that would be willing to, I was just wondering in case someone does want to.

I’m sure no one would object to it happening, but it probably will never happen. Take into consideration 40 minutes = approx 57,600 frames of animation. And it could never be paid work because of the rights involved.

So basically… it’s not gonna happen…. ever…. please don’t underestimate the amount of work that goes into 40 minutes of storyboards (it took months) or animation (that would take years with a team much larger than ours was). If someone were really wanting to undertake a 40 minute long animation… I would want them to pursue an original story! Then their work would pay off and they might get work, film festival awards, etc from it! :)

The small amount of fanimation that we’ve seen from the project has been awesome though! 

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This may sound like a paranoid question, but have you thought about the original creators claiming their copyright on this? I mean, Neil Gailman, writers of Paranorman, and Tim Schafer probably won't mind this, but I fear that DIsney won't let Gravity Falls being used at.

We didn’t earn any money off of this project, so there isn’t really any copyright issue for Disney to bare their teeth at.